Transphobia is completely unacceptable this includes the use of slurs such as shemale, tranny, faggot and transvestite or misgendering me with male pronouns. I’m a Transgender woman or a Trans Woman. To you, I’m a Goddess with a capital G.

The services and actions listed below are completely unacceptable:

  • Scat/Blood/Knife/Needle Play
  • Anything medical
  • Unprotected sex
  • Topping Me
  • Smoking
  • Those who seek freebies
  • Those who waste my time
  • Inarticulate messages that lack context
  • Those who respond to my question with a question
  • Those who don’t answer all the questions in my form
  • If you are a crossdresser who wants to be pimped out to others, that’s not my job. However, I can take on couples or more of any gender and control you as long you tribute